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Curriculum: Jesus Helps Me Deal With Fear

Fun-filled Lesson

GTS #4 Fear Not - Lesson Outline.png
GTS #4 Fear Not - Lesson Outline (1).png

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"Be strong and brave. Do not be afraid... I will be with you"

Kids, Jesus helps us overcome fear! Fear is often a tool of the Enemy to hold us back, control us, and minimize our effectiveness. Just as Christ rebukes the storm in our Bible story (Matthew 8:23-27), we can rebuke these fears in Jesus' name. We can replace these lies with the truth spoken in the Word of God. Today's lesson includes a list of scripture verses that can be used to help us overcome fear. It's a good practice to use them as prayer helps! 

Main Point: Fear Not
Bible Verse: Joshua 1:9
Bible Story: Matthew 8:23-27

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